ABOUT SophiArt Japan

Thank you very much for visiting the website of SophiArt Japan.

We are specialists keen to support you in cultivating a deep insight into Japan.


What is your impression about Japan?

Japan has a long history about 2,000 years, marvelous cultures, splended nature, and warm-hearted people. 

You may have a big expectation, but at the same time you might be worried how you should behave in Japan, which has a different culture from yours. 


For such questions we are here!


"SophiArt" is a word combined SOPHIA and ART.

SOPHIA refers to Japanese philosophy, customs, way of thinking and behavior, etc., which is what we Japanese have been thinking and behaving.

ART refers to Japanese art and culture, such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, architectures, foods, clothes etc. from ancient to contemporary period, which is what Japanese have been generating.

SOPHIA and ART have been, of course, connecting closely together.


By showing you this SophiArt, how to think and what to create, we are sure that we could provide you with a clear insight into Japan and the Japanese. This is our concept.


Please use us as your compass for your private and business voyage in Japan.

You as a traveler could experience a real Japan or your only Japan, which you could never get to know in your guidebook or without us.

You as a business executive could acquire a real feature of Japan and Japanese and get an easier access to the Japanese market.


See you soon in our wonderful Japan!


SophiArt Japan

Mari Miyashita

Representative of SophiArt Japan

Mari Miyashita is an English and German speaking national licensed tour guide and interpreter.  She is also working as a lecturer in communication of international relations.


She conducts 140 guiding tours per year and received many excellent reviews from the guests.


Before working as a tour guide and launching SophiArt Japan, Mari worked for the MOFA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. She was responsible for a promotion of inbound tourism and engaged in formulating a national inbound strategy known as "Tourism Vision". She also worked as an economist for a mega banks in Japan.


Master of Global Studies, International Relations at Graduate School of Sophia University.   

Bachelor of Art, German Literature at Sophia University.

Studied at Westminster University, London, England.

Studied at Bochum University, Konstanz University, Germany.   


She is always kind, full of humor, informative and a happy person. 

as a tour guide

Gathered many experiences for private tours for high end travelers and group tours for educational tours, MICE tours,  and promotional tours.


Mari always provides you with an unforgettable tour with a lot of fun and new findings in relaxing atmosphere.   


140 tour days/year before the pandemic.

as a lecturer

Commanding an excellent communication skill, Mari's lecture is very clear, easy to understand and full of insights.

Many experiences of lectures to private companies and local governments about international communications, and tourism English.

private life

Born in Saitama Pref. and live in Tokyo more than 30 years.

Cheerful and outgoing.

Loves to travel all over the world. 

Visits museums and galleries.

Climbed Mt. Fuji.

Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement. Tea ceremony.

One husband, two sons and two dogs.