TOKYO ART TOUR provides you with a dream stroll from the ancient Japanese clay figure, HANIWA, to cutting edge Japanese contemporary art, YAYOI KUSAMA, TAKASHI MURAKAMI and more.

Architectures designed by world famous Japanese architects are also one of the highlights of this tour.


If you have any favorite artists whose works you want to see in Tokyo, please let us know in advance. We will try our best to include those works in your tour. 


In Japan there are more than 1200 museums. The most notable feature of museums in Japan is its variety. You can find large national museums with many national treasures, middle sized museums with a rich private collection, and small but charming museums everywhere in Japan. A countless galleries attract also art lovers in Tokyo.


In our TOKYO ART TOUR, we will show you a variety of Japanese art with a long span of our history. We also visit a place where you can feel our traditional way of living. It may also one kind of Japanese art. If the arrangement is available, you can attend a tea ceremony. You are sure to be fascinated by ART CITY TOKYO with us.

Schedule + What to See

Meet & Finish (duration: 8hours)

・9:00 at your hotel in Tokyo

・The Tokyo National Museum 

several museums and galleries 

・17:00 at your hotel in Tokyo or the last destination


What to See in this tour

Japanese paintings, ceramics, tea bowl known as WABI SABI, lacquer wears, sculptures, Ukiyoe wood block printings, Kimono, Samurai armors, swords and Japanese way of living. If the arrangement allows, you can experience a Japanese tea ceremony during this tour. 


Timelines to be included

From ancient to contemporary art (From Jomon period, 11,000-300BC to now)


Where to go

Since exhibitions change constantly and museum and gallery holidays are different, we will select the best route according to your tour day.


40,000 JPY (incl. tax) for 8 hours

number of the guests up to 4


5,000 JPY (incl. tax) for additional 1hour 

10,000 JPY (incl. tax) for additional 1 person (max. 6 in total) 



Guiding service


NOT included

Transportation fee, ADMISSION FEE, meal and any other costs for you and the guide attending you during the tour.




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